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  • Stochastic Modelling and Integration of Distributed Energy Resources in the Smart Grid 

    Palacios García, Emilio (Universidad de Córdoba, UCOPress, 2018)
    The residential sector accounts for approximately 30% of the energy consumed in developed countries. This demand is currently covered not only by fossil fuels but also renewable energy sources that ensure a reduction in ...
  • Graphical Diagnosis of Performances in Photovoltaic Systems: A Case Study in Southern Spain 

    Santiago, Isabel; Trillo Montero, David; Luna Rodríguez, J.J.; Moreno-García, Isabel; Palacios García, Emilio (MDPI, 2017)
    The starting point of the operation and maintenance tasks in photovoltaic plants is the continuous monitoring and supervision of its components. The great amount of registered data requires a major improvement in the ...
  • Power quality events detection using fourth-order spectra 

    González de la Rosa, Juan José; Sierra-Fernández, José María; Agüera Pérez, Agustín; Palomares-Salas, José Carlos; Moreno-Muñoz, A. (2017-12-07)
    This paper introduces the use of a fourth-order frequency-domain statistical estimator, the spectral kurtosis (SK), in the field of power-quality analysis. The research has been organized in the frame of a research ...
  • Intelligent Methods for Characterization of Electrical Power Quality Signals using Higher Order Statistical Features 

    Palomares-Salas, José Carlos; González de la Rosa, Juan José; Agüera Pérez, Agustín; Moreno-Muñoz, A. (SIGMA NOT, 2012)
    This paper considers a few important techniques classification for to identify several power quality disturbances. For this purpose, a process based in HOS has been realized to extract features that help in classification. ...
  • PV Hosting Capacity Analysis and Enhancement Using High Resolution Stochastic Modeling 

    Palacios García, Emilio; Moreno-Muñoz, A.; Santiago, Isabel; Moreno-García, Isabel; Milanés-Montero, María-Isabel (MDPI, 2017)
    Reduction of CO2 emissions is a main target in the future smart grid. This goal is boosting the installation of renewable energy resources (RES), as well as a major consumer engagement that seeks for a more efficient ...