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  • Los sistemas interactivos y la infancia 

    Moreno-Muñoz, A. (EPI SCP, 2002)
  • Power Quality Monitoring Integration into Distribution Automation through the Use of AMR 

    Bellido, F.; Oterino, D.; G. de la Rosa, J.J.; Moreno-Muñoz, A. (2017-02-03)
    Power-quality events are of increasing concern for the economy because today’s equipment, particularly computers and automated manufacturing devices, is highly sensitive to such imperfections. With volatile energy rates ...
  • LED street lighting: A power quality comparison among street light technologies 

    Gil-de-Castro, A.; Bollen, M.H.J.; González de la Rosa, Juan José; Larsson, A.; Moreno-Muñoz, A. (SAGE Publications, 2012)
    High-pressure sodium lamps are currently the main lamps used in public lighting. However, the possibility of using high-power light emitting diode (LEDs) for street lighting is growing continuously due to their greater ...
  • UCO.MIPSIM: pipelined computer simulator for teaching purposes 

    Gómez Luna, Juan; Palacios, A.; Herruzo Gómez, Ezequiel; Benavides Benítez, José Ignacio (2014-01-09)
    Since pipelining is a very important implementation technique for processors, students in Computer Science need to achieve a good understanding of it. UCO.MIPSIM simulator has been developed to support teaching such ...
  • MESI Cache Coherence Simulator for Teaching Purposes 

    Gómez Luna, Juan; Herruzo Gómez, Ezequiel; Benavides Benítez, José Ignacio (CLEI, 2009)
    Nowadays, the computational systems (multi and uniprocessors) need to avoid the cache coherence problem. There are some techniques to solve this problem. The MESI cache coherence protocol is one of them. This paper ...