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  • MC64-Cluster: Many-Core CPU Cluster Architecture and Performance Analysis in B-Tree Searches 

    Esteban, F.J.; Díaz, David; Hernández, Pilar; Caballero, J.A.; Dorado, G.; Gálvez, Sergio (2017)
    The MC64-Cluster computer platform was designed, based on many-core CPU microprocessors: Tile64. MC64-Cluster architecture was outlined in terms of both hardware and software, including commands available to manage jobs ...
  • Low oxygen levels contribute to improve photohydrogen production in mixotrophic non‑stressed Chlamydomonas cultures 

    Jurado Oller, José Luis; Dubini, Alexandra; Galván Cejudo, Aurora; Fernández Reyes, Emilio; González-Ballester, David (BioMed Central, 2015)
    Background: Currently, hydrogen fuel is derived mainly from fossil fuels, but there is an increasing interest in clean and sustainable technologies for hydrogen production. In this context, the ability of some photosynthetic ...
  • Partial Activation of SA- and JA-Defensive Pathways in Strawberry upon Colletotrichum acutatum Interaction 

    Amil-Ruiz, Francisco; Garrido-Gala, José; Gadea, José; Blanco Portales, Rosario; Muñoz-Mérida, Antonio; Trelles, Oswaldo; Santos, Berta de los; Arroyo, Francisco T.; Aguado-Puig, Ana; Romero, Fernando; Mercado, José-Ángel; Pliego-Alfaro, Fernando; Muñoz-Blanco, Juan; Caballero Repullo, José Luis (Frontiers in, 2016)
    Understanding the nature of pathogen host interaction may help improve strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa) cultivars. Plant resistance to pathogenic agents usually operates through a complex network of defense mechanisms ...
  • Understanding nitrate assimilation and its regulation in microalgae 

    Sanz-Luque, Emanuel; Chamizo-Ampudia, Alejandro; Llamas Azúa, Ángel; Galván Cejudo, Aurora; Fernández Reyes, Emilio (Frontiers in, 2015)
    Nitrate assimilation is a key process for nitrogen (N) acquisition in green microalgae. Among Chlorophyte algae, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii has resulted to be a good model system to unravel important facts of this process, ...
  • Glutamine Synthetase Sensitivity to Oxidative Modification during Nutrient Starvation in Prochlorococcus marinus PCC 9511 

    Gómez-Baena, Guadalupe; Domínguez-Martín, María A.; Donaldson, Robert P.; García-Fernández, José Manuel; Díez Dapena, Jesús (Public Library of Science, 2015)
    Glutamine synthetase plays a key role in nitrogen metabolism, thus the fine regulation of this enzyme in Prochlorococcus, which is especially important in the oligotrophic oceans where this marine cyanobacterium thrives. ...