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    • Population structure of eleven Spanish ovine breeds and detection of selective sweeps with BayeScan and hapFLK 

      Manunza, A.; Cardoso, T.F.; Noce, A.; Martínez-Moreno, Álvaro; Pons, A.; Bermejo, L.A.; Landi, Vincenzo; Sànchez, A.; Jordana, J.; Delgado-Bermejo, J.V.; Adán, S.; Capote, J.F.; Vidal, O.; Ugarte, E.; Arranz, J.J.; Calvo, J.H.; Casellas, J.; Amills, M. (, 2016)
      The goals of the current work were to analyse the population structure of 11 Spanish ovine breeds and to detect genomic regions that may have been targeted by selection. A total of 141 individuals were genotyped with the ...