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    • Adapting prospective structural analysis to strengthen sustainable management and capacity building in community-based natural resource management contexts 

      Delgado Serrano, María del Mar; Vanwildemeersch, Pieter; London, Silvia; Ortiz-Guerrero, Cesar E.; Escalante Semerena, Roberto I.; Rojas, Mara (Resilience Alliance, 2016)
      ABSTRACT. Local communities collectively managing common pool resources can play an important role in sustainable management, but they often lack the skills and context-specific tools required for such management. The ...
    • Can scenario-planning support community-based natural resource management? Experiences from three countries in Latin America 

      Waylen, Kerry A.; Martín-Ortega, Julia; Blackstock, Kirsty L.; Avendaño Uribe, Bryan E.; Basurto Hernández, Saúl; Bertoni, María Belén; Lujan Bustos, M.; Cruz Bayer, Alejandra Xóchitl; Farah Quijano, Maria Adelaida; Ferrelli, Federico; Fidalgo, Guillermo Luis; Hernández López, Israel; Huamantinco Cisneros, María Andrea; London, Silvia; Maya Vélez, Diana L.; Ocampo-Díaz, Natalia; Ortiz-Guerrero, Cesar E.; Pascale, Juan Carlos; Perillo, Gerardo M. E.; Piccolo, M. Cintia; Pinzón Martínez, Lina N.; Rojas, Mara L.; Scordo, Facundo; Vitale, Valeria; Zilio, Mariana I.; Escalante Semerena, Roberto I. (MDPI, 2015)
      Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) is a concept critical to managing social-ecological systems but whose implementation needs strengthening. Scenario planning is one approach that may offer benefits relevant ...
    • Local perceptions on social-ecological dynamics in Latin America in three community-based natural resource management systems 

      Delgado Serrano, María del Mar; Oteros-Rozas, Elisa; Vanwildemeersch, Pieter; Ortiz-Guerrero, Cesar E.; London, Silvia; Escalante Semerena, Roberto I. (Resilience Alliance, 2015)
      Several examples of community-based natural resource management in Latin American social-ecological systems exist in which communities control the management of common-pool resources. Understanding community perceptions ...