En esta Comunidad se recogen los documentos generados por el Departamento de Informática y Análisis Numérico y que cumplen los requisitos de Copyright para su difusión en acceso abierto.

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  • Mixing body-parts model for 2D human pose estimation in stereo videos 

    López-Quintero, Manuel I.; Marín-Jiménez, M.J.; Muñoz-Salinas, Rafael; Medina-Carnicer, R. (Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2017)
    This study targets 2D articulated human pose estimation (i.e. localisation of body limbs) in stereo videos. Although in recent years depth-based devices (e.g. Microsoft Kinect) have gained popularity, as they perform very ...
  • Human interaction categorization by using audio-visual cues 

    Marín-Jiménez, M.J.; Muñoz-Salinas, Rafael; Yeguas-Bolivar, Enrique; Pérez de la Blanca, N. (Springer Nature, 2013)
    Human Interaction Recognition (HIR) in uncontrolled TV video material is a very challenging problem because of the huge intra-class variability of the classes (due to large differences in the way actions are performed, ...
  • Detecting People Looking at Each Other in Videos 

    Marín-Jiménez, M.J.; Zisserman, A.; Eichner, M.; Ferrari, V. (Springer Nature, 2013)
    The objective of this work is to determine if people are interacting in TV video by detecting whether they are looking at each other or not. We determine both the temporal period of the interaction and also spatially ...
  • Reducing gaps in quantitative association rules: A genetic programming free-parameter algorithm 

    Luna, J.M.; Romero, José Raúl; Romero Morales, C.; Ventura Soto, S. (IOS Press, 2014)
    The extraction of useful information for decision making is a challenge in many different domains. Association rule mining is one of the most important techniques in this field, discovering relationships of interest among ...
  • Concurrent Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Measurement Unit for the Assessment of Craniocervical Range of Motion in Subjects with Cerebral Palsy 

    Carmona-Pérez, Cristina; Garrido Castro, Juan Luis; Torres Vidal, Francisco; Alcaraz-Clariana, Sandra; García-Luque, Lourdes; Alburquerque Sendín, Francisco; Rodrigues-de-Souza, Daiana Priscila (MDPI, 2020)
    Objective: This study aimed to determine the validity and reliability of Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) for the assessment of craniocervical range of motion (ROM) in patients with cerebral palsy (CP). Methods: twenty-three ...

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