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    • Scalable CAIM Discretization on Multiple GPUs Using Concurrent Kernels 

      Cano, Alberto; Ventura Soto, S.; Cios, Krzysztof J. (2017-01-19)
      CAIM(Class-Attribute InterdependenceMaximization) is one of the stateof- the-art algorithms for discretizing data for which classes are known. However, it may take a long time when run on high-dimensional large-scale ...
    • ur-CAIM: Improved CAIM Discretization for Unbalanced and Balanced Data 

      Cano, Alberto; Nguyen, Dat T.; Ventura Soto, S.; Cios, Krzysztof J. (2015-10-15)
      Supervised discretization is one of basic data preprocessing techniques used in data mining. CAIM (Class- Attribute InterdependenceMaximization) is a discretization algorithm of data for which the classes are known. ...