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    • Nonlinear Boosting Projections for Ensemble Construction 

      García-Pedrajas, Nicolás; García-Osorio, César; Fyfe, Colin (Dale Schuurmans, 2007)
      In this paper we propose a novel approach for ensemble construction based on the use of nonlinear projections to achieve both accuracy and diversity of individual classifiers. The proposed approach combines the philosophy ...
    • Teaching push-down automata and Turing machines 

      García-Osorio, César; Mediavilla-Sáiz, Iñigo; Jimeno-Visitación, Javier; García-Pedrajas, Nicolás (2014-02-27)
      In this paper we present the new version of a tool to assist in teaching formal languages and automata theory. In the previous version the tool provided algorithms for regular expressions, finite automata and context ...