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    • Sustainable Biomaterials: Current Trends, Challenges and Applications 

      Gupta, Girish Kumar; De, Sudipta; Franco, Ana; Balu, Alina M.; Luque, Rafael (MDPI, 2016)
      Biomaterials and sustainable resources are two complementary terms supporting the development of new sustainable emerging processes. In this context, many interdisciplinary approaches including biomass waste valorization ...
    • Wheat bran valorisation: Towards photocatalytic nanomaterials for benzyl alcohol photo-oxidation 

      Balu, Alina M.; Ouyang, Weiyi; Reina, Jose M.; Kuna, Ewelina; Yépez, Alfonso; Romero, Antonio A.; Colmenares, Juan C.; Luque, Rafael (Elsevier, 2017)
      In this work, we have successfully synthesized a set of titania photocatalytic nanocomposites by the incorporation of different TiO2 content on wheat bran residues. The obtained catalysts were characterized by different ...