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Recent Submissions

  • Study of Sound Perception Evaluation in Refrigeration Gases 

    Rodríguez-Cantalejo, Fernando; Vázquez Serrano, Francisco J.; Cubero-Atienza, Antonio J.; Redel-Macías, María Dolores (MDPI, 2023)
    In the past, sound design was focused on the minimization of the emitted sound, understanding that the lower the sound, the better. Nowadays, this concept is outdated; in addition to the sound pressure level, many more ...
  • Design, Implementation and Validation of a Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Bench for Heating Systems in Conventional Coaches 

    Delgado, María Luisa; Jiménez Hornero, Jorge; Vázquez, Francisco (MDPI, 2023)
    Experimental work with heating systems installed in public transport vehicles, particularly for optimisation and control design, is a challenging task due to cost and space limitations, primarily imposed by the heating ...
  • Benchmarking Analysis of the Panorama of Grid-Connected PV Installations in Spain 

    Gómez Uceda, Francisco J.; Varo-Martínez, Marta; Ramírez Faz, José; López Luque, Rafael; Fernández-Ahumada, Luis Manuel (MDPI, 2022)
    Renewable energies play an important role as a solution to the challenge of satisfying the growing global energy demand without jeopardizing the achievements in the fight against climate change. Given this panorama, different ...
  • Use of Polar Heliostats to Improve Levels of Natural Lighting inside Buildings with Little Access to Sunlight 

    Fernández-Ahumada, Luis Manuel; Osuna-Mérida, Maximiliano; López-Sánchez, Jesús; Gómez Uceda, Francisco J.; López Luque, Rafael; Varo-Martínez, Marta (MDPI, 2022)
    The growing need to increase environmental and energy sustainability in buildings (housing, offices, warehouses, etc.) requires the use of solar radiation as a renewable source of energy that can help to lower carbon ...
  • Methodological Advances in the Design of Photovoltaic Irrigation 

    Calero-Lara, Martín; López Luque, Rafael; Casares de la Torre, Francisco José (MDPI, 2021)
    In this study, an algorithm has been developed that manages photovoltaic solar energy in such a manner that all generated power is delivered to the system formed by a pump and irrigation network with compensated emitters. ...

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