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    • Participatory scenario planning in place-based social-ecological research: insights and experiences from 23 case studies 

      Oteros-Rozas, Elisa; Martín-López, Berta; Daw, Tim M.; Bohensky, Erin L.; Butler, James R.A.; Hill, Rosemary; Martín-Ortega, Julia; Quinlan, Allyson; Ravera, Federica; Ruiz-Mallén, Isabel; Thyresson, Matilda; Mistry, Jayalaxshmi; Palomo, Ignacio; Peterson, Garry D.; Plieninger, Tobias; Waylen, Kerry A.; Beac, Dylan M.; Bohnet, Iris C.; Hamann, Maike; Hanspach, Jan; Hubacek, Klaus; Lavorel, Sandra; Vilardy, Sandra P. (Resilience Alliance Publications, 2015)
      Participatory scenario planning (PSP) is an increasingly popular tool in place-based environmental research for evaluating alternative futures of social-ecological systems. Although a range of guidelines on PSP methods are ...