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    • Peroxiredoxin 6 Down-Regulation Induces Metabolic Remodeling and Cell Cycle Arrest in HepG2 Cells 

      López-Grueso, María José; Tarradas Valero, Rosa María; Carmona Hidalgo, Beatriz; Lagal Ruiz, Daniel; Peinado, José; McDonagh, B.; Requejo Aguilar, Raquel; Bárcena, J.A.; Padilla C., Alicia (MDPI, 2019)
      Peroxiredoxin 6 (Prdx6) is the only member of 1-Cys subfamily of peroxiredoxins in human cells. It is the only Prdx acting on phospholipid hydroperoxides possessing two additional sites with phospholipase A2 (PLA2) and ...
    • Redox regulation of proteome, metabolism and signaling in hepatocarcinoma tumor cells 

      López-Grueso, María José (Universidad de Córdoba, UCOPress, 2019)
      The redoxins Thioredoxin (Trx), Glutaredoxin (Grx) and Peroxiredoxins (Prdx) play a very important role both in the maintenance of redox homeostasis and in signaling through reversible oxidation/reduction reactions in ...