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    • A weed monitoring system using UAV-imagery and the Hough transform 

      Pérez-Ortiz, María; Peña, J.M.; Gutiérrez, P.A.; Torres-Sánchez, J.; Hervás-Martínez, César; López-Granados, Francisca (2015)
      Usually, crops require the use of herbicides as a useful manner of controlling the quality and quantity of crop production. Although there are weed-free areas, the most common approach is to broadcast herbicides entirely ...
    • Object-Based Image Classification of Summer Crops with Machine Learning Methods 

      Gutiérrez, Pedro A.; Hervás-Martínez, César; Six, Johan; Plant, Richard E.; López-Granados, Francisca; Peña, José Manuel (MDPI, 2014)
      The strategic management of agricultural lands involves crop field monitoring each year. Crop discrimination via remote sensing is a complex task, especially if different crops have a similar spectral response and cropping ...
    • Selecting patterns and features for between- and within- crop-row weed mapping using UAV-imagery 

      Pérez-Ortiz, María; Gutiérrez, Pedro A.; Torres-Sánchez, Jorge; Hervás-Martínez, César; López-Granados, Francisca; Peña, José Manuel (2017-03-30)
      This paper approaches the problem of weed mapping for precision agriculture, using imagery provided by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from sun ower and maize crops. Precision agriculture referred to weed control is ...