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  • Chronic Vitamin D Intoxication in Captive Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus) 

    López, Ignacio; Pineda Martos, Carmen María; Muñoz, Luis; Raya, Ana I.; López, Guillermo; Aguilera Tejero, Escolástico (Public Library of Science, 2016)
    To document the biochemical and pathologic features of vitamin D intoxication in lynx and to characterize mineral metabolism in healthy lynx, blood samples were obtained from 40 captive lynx that had been receiving ...
  • Energy-dense diets increase FGF23, lead to phosphorus retention and promote vascular calcifications in rats 

    Raya, Ana I.; Ríos, Rafael; Pineda Martos, Carmen María; Rodríguez-Ortiz, Maria E.; Díez, Elisa; Almadén, Yolanda; Muñoz-Castañeda, Juan R.; Rodríguez, Mariano; Aguilera Tejero, Escolástico; López, Ignacio (, 2016)
    Rats with normal renal function (Experiment 1, n = 12) and uninephrectomized (1/2Nx) rats (Experiment 2, n = 12) were fed diets with normal P (NP) and either normal (NF) or high fat (HF). Rats with intact renal function ...
  • Vitamin D toxicity of dietary origin in cats fed a natural complementary kitten food 

    Crossley, Victoria J.; Bovens, Catherine P.V.; Pineda Martos, Carmen María; Hibbert, Angie; Finch, Natalie C. (SAGE, 2017)
    Case series summary This case series describes two young sibling cats and an additional unrelated cat, from two separate households, that developed hypercalcaemia associated with hypervitaminosis D. Excessive vitamin D ...
  • Treatment of canine leishmaniasis with marbofloxacin in dogs with renal disease 

    Pineda Martos, Carmen María; Aguilera Tejero, Escolástico; Morales, María C.; Belinchón-Lorenzo, Silvia; Gómez-Nieto, Luis C.; García, Pablo; Martínez-Moreno, Julio M.; Rodríguez-Ortiz, Maria E.; López, Ignacio (Public Library of Science, 2017)
    Treatment of canine leishmaniasis (CanL) represents a challenge. Due to the high prevalence of renal disease associated to CanL, it is important to find an effective drug that does not damage the kidneys. Marbofloxacin ...
  • Vitamin E protects against extraskeletal calcification in uremic rats fed high fat diets 

    Ríos, Rafael; Raya, Ana I.; Pineda Martos, Carmen María; Rodríguez, Mariano; López, Ignacio; Aguilera Tejero, Escolástico (Biomed Central, 2017)
    Background: High fat diets are implicated in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome, obesity and renal disease. Previous studies have revealed that high fat diets promote vascular calcification in uremic rats. Moreover, ...