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    • BPPO-Based Anion Exchange Membranes for Acid Recovery via Diffusion Dialysis 

      Khan, Muhammad Imran; Luque, Rafael; Prinsen, Pepijn; Rehman, Aziz ur; Anjum, Saima; Nawaz, Muhammad; Shaheen, Aqeela; Zafar, Shagufta; Mustaqeem, Mujahid (MDPI, 2017)
      To reduce the environmental impact of acids present in various industrial wastes, improved and robust anion exchange membranes (AEMs) are highly desired. Moreover, they should exhibit high retention of salts, fast acid ...
    • Design of Anion Exchange Membranes and Electrodialysis Studies for Water Desalination 

      Khan, Muhammad Imran; Luque, Rafael; Akhtar, Shahbaz; Shaheen, Aqeela; Mehmood, Ashfaq; Idress, Sidra; Buzdar, Saeed Ahmad; Rehman, Aziz ur (MDPI, 2016)
      Anion exchange membranes are highly versatile and nowadays have many applications, ranging from water treatment to sensing materials. The preparation of anion exchange membranes (AEMs) from brominated poly(2,6-dimethyl ...
    • Removal of Congo Red from Aqueous Solution by Anion Exchange Membrane (EBTAC): Adsorption Kinetics and Themodynamics 

      Khan, Muhammad Imran; Akhtar, Shahbaz; Zafar, Shagufta; Shaheen, Aqeela; Khan, Muhammad Ali; Luque, Rafael (MDPI, 2015)
      The adsorption behavior of anionic dye congo red (CR) from aqueous solutions using an anion exchange membrane (EBTAC) has been investigated at room temperature. The effect of several factors including contact time, ...