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    • Aminoácidos libres del queso manchego 

      León Crespo, Francisco; Marcos, A.; Mora, M. Teresa; Fernández-Salguero Carretero, J.; Esteban, M. Asunción (Universidad de Córdoba, Servicio de Publicaciones, 1979)
      In commenrciai Manchego cheese 16 different free amino acids have identified and roughly quantified by dimensional paper chromatography; the mean content of total free amino acids is about 10 mg.g-r cheese and the values ...
    • Proteolisis del queso manchego: evolución de los aminoácidos libres 

      Mora, M. Teresa; Marcos, A. (Universidad de Córdoba, Servicio de Publicaciones, 1982)
      During the ripening of three diffe"rent series of Manchego cheese the evolution of free amino. acids was followed by a semiquantitative method. A total of 13-14 free amino acids were identified. Total free amino acids ...