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    • Yeast immobilization systems for second-generation ethanol production: actual trends and future perspectives 

      Chacón-Navarrete, Helena; Martín, Carlos; Moreno-García, Jaime (Wiley, 2021)
      Yeast immobilization with low-cost carrier materials is a suitable strategy to optimize the fermentation of lignocellulosic hydrolysates for the production of second-generation (2G) ethanol. It is defined as the physical ...
    • Yield and Quality in Purple-Grained Wheat Isogenic Lines 

      Morgounov, Alexey; Karaduman, Yaşar; Akin, Beyhan; Aydogan, Sinan; Stephen Baenziger, Peter; Bhatta, Madhav; Chudinov, Vladimir; Dreisigacker, Susanne; Govindan, Velu; Güler, Safure; Guzmán, Carlos; Nehe, Ajit; Poudel, Rachana; Rose, Devin; Gordeeva, Elena; Shamanin, Vladimir; Subasi, Kemal; Zelenskiy, Yuriy; Khlestkina, Elena (MDPI, 2020)
      Breeding programs for purple wheat are underway in many countries but there is a lack of information on the effects of Pp (purple pericarp) genes on agronomic and quality traits in variable environments and along the product ...