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    • Focused Coordination Models towards Sustainability in Higher Education. Case of Quevedo State Technical University (Ecuador) 

      Checa, Cristina; Pablos-Heredero, Carmen de; Guiselli Torres, Yenny; Montes-Botella, José Luis; Barba Capote, C.J.; García Martínez, Antón Rafael (MDPI, 2020)
      This research studied the relationship between coordination models (CM) focused on sustainability and satisfaction, as a competitive advantage, which increases sustainability at the Quevedo State Technical University (UTEQ) ...
    • Structural and Technological Characterization of Tropical Smallholder Farms of Dual-Purpose Cattle in Mexico 

      Rangel Quintos, Jaime; Perea, José; Pablos-Heredero, Carmen de; Espinosa García, José Antonio; Toro Mújica, Paula Macarena; Feijoo, Marisa; Barba Capote, C.J.; García Martínez, Antón Rafael (MDPI, 2020)
      Dual-purpose cattle smallholder farms (DP) exhibit a critical economic situation. The objective of this research was building a typology for DP in tropical conditions and characterizing them technologically. This will help ...
    • Sustainability in Smart Farms: Its Impact on Performance 

      Pablos-Heredero, Carmen de; Montes-Botella, José Luis; García Martínez, Antón Rafael (MDPI, 2018)
      In Spain, more than 30% of producers have run out of business because of a lack of sustainability. They search for managerial guidelines that allow them to reach the farm’s economic viability. When trying to improve the ...