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  • Liver Histopathological and Immunohistochemical Evaluation from Fasciola hepatica Experimentally Infected and Reinfected Sheep 

    Herrera-Torres, Guillem; Ruiz-Campillo, María Teresa; Bautista Pérez, María José; Martínez-Moreno, Francisco Javier; Zafra Leva, Rafael; Buffoni Perazzo, Leandro; Rufino-Moya, Pablo José; Martínez Moreno, Álvaro; Molina-Hernández, Verónica; Pérez, José (MDPI, 2024)
    Fasciolosis is an important economic disease of livestock. There is a global interest in the development of protective vaccines since the current anthelmintic therapy is no longer sustainable. A better knowledge of the ...
  • Calcifediol or Corticosteroids in the Treatment of COVID-19: An Observational Study 

    Entrenas-Castillo, Marta; Entrenas-Costa, Luis Manuel; Pata, María P.; Jurado-Gámez, Bernabé; Muñoz-Corroto, Cristina; Gomez-Rebollo, Cristina; Mira-Padilla, Estefanía; Bouillon, Roger; Quesada Gómez, José Manuel (MDPI, 2024)
    Medical treatment of coronavirus 19 disease (COVID-19) is a therapeutic challenge. The available data strongly suggest that calcifediol treatment may reduce the severity of COVID-19, and corticosteroids are the treatment ...
  • Photon to axion conversion during Big Bang Nucleosynthesis 

    Cuesta, A.J.; Illana, J.I.; Masip, M. (IOP Publishing, 2023)
    We investigate how the resonant conversion at a temperature T¯=25-65 keV of a fraction of the CMB photons into an axion-like majoron affects BBN. The scenario, that assumes the presence of a primordial magnetic field and ...
  • Selective oxidation of methanol to green oxygenates on vanadium- aluminum phosphate based catalysts 

    Blanco-Bonilla, F.; Estevez, Rafael; López Tenllado, Francisco Javier; Luna, Diego; Bautista, Felipa M. (Elsevier, 2024)
    The methanol transformation reaction in the presence of oxygen was carried out in the temperature range of 210-310 ºC, over vanadium catalysts based on vanadium oxide (V2O5) and on vanadium-phosphorus oxide (VPO) calcined ...
  • Sustainable Microwave-assisted solketal synthesis over sulfonic silica-based catalysts 

    Aguado-Deblas, Laura; Estevez, Rafael; Russo, Marco; Parola, Valeria La; Bautista, Felipa M.; Testa, Maria Luisa (Elsevier, 2022)
    Sulfonic and propylsulfonic silica-based catalysts were synthesized, characterized and tested in the acetalization of glycerol (G) by a sustainable, solvent-free and fast procedure, under microwave irradiation, to produce ...

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