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Recent Submissions

  • On the concept of infinitesimal position vector fields in Galilean spacetimes 

    Caballero, Magdalena; Fuente, Daniel de la; Pelegrín, José A. S.; Rubio, Rafael M. (World Scientific, 2022)
    We introduce two different ways to establish the concept of infinitesimal position vector field between “infinitesimally nearby” observers in a Galilean spacetime as well as show their mathematical equivalence. We also use ...
  • ML-k’sNN: Label Dependent k Values for Multi-Label k-Nearest Neighbor Rule 

    Cuevas-Muñoz, José Manuel; García Pedrajas, Nicolás (MDPI, 2023)
    Multi-label classification as a data mining task has recently attracted increasing interest from researchers. Many current data mining applications address problems with instances that belong to more than one category. ...
  • sSLAM: Speeded-Up Visual SLAM Mixing Artificial Markers and Temporary Keypoints 

    Romero Ramírez, Francisco J.; Muñoz-Salinas, Rafael; Marín-Jiménez, M.J.; Cazorla, Miguel; Medina-Carnicer, R.; Romero Ramírez, Francisco J. (MDPI, 2023)
    Environment landmarks are generally employed by visual SLAM (vSLAM) methods in the form of keypoints. However, these landmarks are unstable over time because they belong to areas that tend to change, e.g., shadows or moving ...
  • Crossroads in Liver Transplantation: Is Artificial Intelligence the Key to Donor–Recipient Matching? 

    Calleja Lozano, Rafael; Hervás-Martínez, César; Briceño Delgado, Francisco Javier (MDPI, 2022)
    Liver transplantation outcomes have improved in recent years. However, with the emergence of expanded donor criteria, tools to better assist donor–recipient matching have become necessary. Most of the currently proposed ...
  • Asymmetries of the Muscle Mechanical Properties of the Pelvic Floor in Nulliparous and Multiparous Women, and Men: A Cross-Sectional Study 

    Rodrigues-de-Souza, Daiana Priscila; Sartorato Beleza, Ana Carolina; García-Luque, Lourdes; Alcaraz-Clariana, Sandra; Carmona-Pérez, Cristina; Miguel-Rubio, Amaranta de; Garzón-Alfaro, María Teresa; Cruz-Medel, Inés; Garrido Castro, Juan Luis; Alburquerque Sendín, Francisco (MDPI, 2022)
    This study aimed to identify if the muscle mechanical properties (MMPs) of both sides of pelvic floor muscles (PFMs) are symmetrical in different populations of both sexes. Between-sides comparisons of MMPs of PFMs, assessed ...

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