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  • Data mining in predictive maintenance systems: A taxonomy and systematic review 

    Esteban, Aurora; Zafra, Amelia; Ventura, Sebastián (Wiley, 2022)
    Predictive maintenance is a field of study whose main objective is to optimize the timing and type of maintenance to perform on various industrial systems. This aim involves maximizing the availability time of the monitored ...
  • Fast FPGA prototyping to explore and compare new SPWM strategies 

    Geninatti, Sergio R.; Ortiz-López, Manuel; Quiles-Latorre, Francisco Javier; Morales-Leal, Tomás; Gersnoviez, Andrés; Moreno-Muñoz, A. (Elsevier, 2024)
    This study presents a Flexible Test Bench (FTB) implemented with FPGA that synthesises of a large number of strategies that apply “Spread Spectrum” to reduce the energy of the fundamental harmonics present in a conventional ...
  • Neuro-fuzzy systems for daily solar irradiance classification and PV efficiency forecasting 

    Gersnoviez, Andrés; Gámez Granados, Juan Carlos; Cabrera-Fernández, Marta; Santiago, Isabel; Cañete-Carmona, Eduardo; Brox-Jiménez, María (Elsevier, 2023)
    Considering the impact of photovoltaic installations and the fact that their performance depends on the type of day, this paper presents a classifier that makes use of fuzzy logic to classify daily irradiance profiles as ...
  • An IoT barrel bung to monitor evolution wine elaborated under biological aging 

    Cañete-Carmona, Eduardo; Gallego-Martínez, Juan-José; Yousef-Jiménez, Laila; Ruiz Flores, Alberto; Gersnoviez, Andrés; Moreno, Juan (Elsevier, 2022)
    Wine aging is a crucial step in the elaboration of special and high quality wines as the sherry and like-sherry type wines are. Some of these wines remain in oak barrels during a long time period, subjected to the ...
  • Rule simplification method based on covering indexes for fuzzy classifiers 

    Gersnoviez, Andrés; Batunore, Iluminada (IEEE, 2021)
    A large number of rules increases the complexity of fuzzy classifiers and reduces the linguistic interpretability of the classification. A tabular rule simplification method that extends the Quine-McCluskey algorithm of ...

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