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Envíos recientes

  • Herramienta FOPTD_PI 

    Garrido Jurado, Juan; Vázquez Serrano, Francisco Javier; Morilla García, Fernando; Ruz Ruiz, Mario L. (2018)
    The FOPTD_PI Tool is a Matlab-Interactive tuning tool of PI controllers for First Order PlusTime Delay processes. It can be used to teach basic control concepts based on a set of PI tuning rules for stable and unstable ...
  • Herramienta CB_GUI 

    Garrido Jurado, Juan; Vázquez Serrano, Francisco Javier; Ruz Ruiz, Mario L. (2018)
    CB_GUI Tool is a Matlab-Interactive tool for the learning of thermal comfort control based on PMV-PPD indices. The developed tool allows for the definition of the thermal model of a house. Based on this model, thermal ...
  • Herramienta PIDGUI 

    Garrido Jurado, Juan; Ruz Ruiz, Mario L.; Morilla, Fernando; Vázquez, Francisco (2018)
    The tool is a Matlab based application to design PID controllers with guaranteed stability. The graphic user interface (GUI) shows the stability region in the controller parameter space and the boundary curves for frequency ...
  • Herramienta wtControlGUI 

    Fragoso, Sergio; Ruz Ruiz, Mario L.; Vázquez, Francisco; Morilla, Fernando; Garrido Jurado, Juan (2016-10-10)