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  • Los estudios sobre las villas romanas de Andalucía 

    Carrillo Díaz-Pines, José Ramón (Universidad de Córdoba, Área de Arqueología, 1993)
    With this paper, we seek review the studies concerning the Roman villas of Andalucia, placing them in a wider historiographical context, showing its major lacks and the numerous faults that can be looked in them. At the ...
  • Testimonio escultórico de Mellaria (Fuente Obejuna, Córdoba) 

    López López, Isabel María (Universidad de Córdoba, Área de Arqueología, 1993)
    In this paper we present a study about a sculptoric fragment of a fout with a caliga, a kind of foot-wear characteristic of the Roman Army members. Insist upon the interest of this piece to know the sculpture and the Early ...
  • La trama viaria propia de Madinat al-Zahra y su integración con la de Córdoba 

    Bermúdez Cano, José Manuel (Universidad de Córdoba, Área de Arqueología, 1993)
    We analyse all the existent evidences (archeologic, literary, cartographic, etc.) refering to the scheme of the viae in the rounds of Córdoba and Madinat al-Zahra'. We apply descriptions of roman and medieval bridges ...
  • La estructura urbana en la colonia Iulia Romula Hispalis en Época Imperial 

    Campos Carrasco, Juan M. (Universidad de Córdoba, Área de Arqueología, 1993)
    Present paper is a synthesis of previous archaeological research conducted between 1983 and 1988 in Seville, the roman colony of Iulia Romula Hispalis. Imperial town is considered as the urban climax of a process started ...
  • Estatuas-fuentes romanas de Colonia Patricia Corduba 

    Loza Azuaga, María Luisa (Universidad de Córdoba, Área de Arqueología, 1993)
    This paper studies a lot of Roman sculptures that had a function of fountains at Colonia Patricia Corduba, exactly two nymph's statues, a personification of masculine acuatic god and a small fountain with steps, and are ...

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