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  • Mejora genética del Merino Español en un contexto cooperativo 

    López de los Santos, Beatriz (Universidad de Córdoba, UCOPress, 2018)
    La presente tesis nace con la intención de contribuir a la modernización y mejora de la competitividad del sistema de producción de la cooperativa OVISO S.C.L, trabajando sobre la base genética de sus animales. En general, ...
  • Applied Engineering Using Schumann Resonance for Earthquakes Monitoring 

    Gázquez, José A.; García, Rosa M.; Castellano, Nuria N.; Fernández Ros, Manuel; Perea Moreno, Alberto Jesús; Manzano Agugliaro, Francisco (MDPI, 2017)
    For populations that may be affected, the risks of earthquakes and tsunamis are a major concern worldwide. Therefore, early detection of an event of this type in good time is of the highest priority. The observatories ...
  • Cultivar and Tree Density As Key Factors in the Long-Term Performance of Super High-Density Olive Orchards 

    Díez, Concepción M.; Moral, Juan; Cabello, Diego; Rallo Romero, Luis; Barranco Navero, Diego; Morello Parra, Pablo (Frontiers in, 2016)
    Super high-density (SHD) olive orchards are rapidly expanding since the first plantation was set up in Spain in the 1990s. Because there are no long-term studies characterizing these systems, it is unknown if densities ...
  • Flor Yeast: New Perspectives Beyond Wine Aging 

    Legras, Jean-Luc; Moreno-García, Jaime; Zara, Severino; Zara, Giacomo; García-Martínez, Teresa; Mauricio, Juan C.; Mannazzu, Ilaria; Coi, Anna L.; Zeidan, Marc Bou; Dequin, Sylvie; Moreno, Juan; Budroni, Marilena (Giuseppe Spano, 2016)
    The most important dogma in white-wine production is the preservation of the wine aroma and the limitation of the oxidative action of oxygen. In contrast, the aging of Sherry and Sherry-like wines is an aerobic process ...
  • Grape musts differentiation based on selected aroma compounds using SBSE-GC-MS and statistical analysis 

    Vararu, Florin; Moreno-García, Jaime; Cotea, Valeriu V.; Moreno, Juan (Institute of Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof, 2015)
    Fifty-one aroma compounds in musts from 'Muscat Ottonel', 'Aligoté', 'Muscat of Alexandria' and 'Pedro Ximénez' white grapes have been determined, three of them identified for the first time in grapes. Two fingerprints for ...