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  • Methods for interpolating missing data in aerobiological databases 

    Picornell, Antonio; Oteros, José; Ruiz-Mata, R.; Recio, M.; Trigo, M.M.; Martínez Bracero, Moisés; Lara, B.; Serrano-García, A.; Galán, Carmen; García-Mozo, H.; Alcázar, Purificación; Pérez-Badía, Rosa; Cabezudo, B.; Romero-Morte, J.; Rojo, Jesús (Elsevier, 2021)
    Missing data is a common problem in scientific research. The availability of extensive environmental time series is usually laborious and difficult, and sometimes unexpected failures are not detected until samples are ...
  • Variability and selection of verticillium wilt resistant genotypes in cultivated olive and in the Olea genus 

    Trapero Ramírez, Carlos; Rallo Romero, Luis; López Escudero, Francisco Javier; Barranco Navero, Diego; Díez, Concepción M. (2015)
    Developing verticillium wilt resistant genotypes is currently a major objective in olive breeding. In this study, 6017 genotypes derived from 48 crosses obtained by open pollination and crosses between olive cultivars, ...
  • Occurrence and variability of sexual polyembryony in olive cultivars 

    Trapero Ramírez, Carlos; Barranco Navero, Diego; Martín, Antonio; Díez, Concepción M. (Elsevier, 2014)
    The occurrence of spontaneous sexual polyembryony is described and characterized for cultivated olive (Olea europaea L.). We screened seeds from 24 olive cultivars and found significant differences in the frequency of ...
  • Effective inoculation methods to screen for resistance to Verticillium wilt in olive 

    Trapero Ramírez, Carlos; Díez, Concepción M.; Rallo Romero, Luis; Barranco Navero, Diego; López Escudero, Francisco Javier (2013)
    Effective inoculation methods to screen for Verticillium wilt resistance are essential for the development of olive cultivars resistant to this devastating disease. Three inoculation methods, pot immmersion, bare-root ...
  • Field Resistance to Verticillium Wilt in Selected Olive Cultivars Grown in Two Naturally Infested Soils 

    Trapero Ramírez, Carlos; Serrano, N.; Arquero Quílez, Octavio; Río, C. Del; Trapero Casas, Antonio; López Escudero, Francisco Javier (The American Phytopathological Society, 2013)
    The resistance of 11 olive cultivars to Verticillium dahliae was assessed in two experimental field trials. One-year-old rooted olive cuttings from the World Olive Germplasm Bank (IFAPA research center, Córdoba, Spain) ...

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