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  • Parkinson’s disease protects against smoking? 

    Allam, Mohamed F.; Campbell, Michael J.; Serrano del Castillo, Amparo; Fernández-Crehuet Navajas, Rafael (IOS Press, 2004)
    Our aim was to estimate the pooled risk of current and former smoking for Parkinson’s disease (PD).We have reviewed all observational studies that evaluated the association between PD risk and smoking habit. Twenty six ...
  • Hepatotoxicity of isotretinoin in patients with acne and Gilbert’s syndrome: a comparative study 

    Fernández-Crehuet, Pablo; Fernández-Crehuet, José Luis; Allam, Mohamed F.; Fernández-Crehuet Navajas, Rafael (BMJ, 2014)
    Objectives: The objective of our follow-up study is to evaluate liver function tests (LFTs) and lipid profiles in patients with Gilbert’s syndrome treated with isotretinoin because of severe acne. Setting: Dermatology ...
  • Risk of influenza A(nrH7N9) pandemic in the eastern Mediterranean region 

    Allam, Mohamed F. (CoAction Publishing, 2014)
  • Ebola hemorrhagic fever: case fatality rate 90%? 

    Allam, Mohamed F. (TIGIS, Ltd. in association with the National Institute of Public Health, 2014-09-01)
    Since 1976, most epidemiological studies about Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever have reported case fatality rate (CFR) of up to 90%. According to the report of WHO (1 August 2014) CFR is of 55–60% (total number of cases 1,603 – ...
  • Measles vaccination 

    Allam, Mohamed F. (Pacini editore (Pisa), 2009-12-01)
    Measles is known as one of the most infections and persistent of human viral diseases. Its distribution is worldwide and it causes disease in any climate and under any condition provided that enough susceptible human beings ...