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    • Effects of Collaborative Economy: A Reflection 

      Menor-Campos, Antonio; García-Moreno García, María de los Baños; López-Guzmán, Tomás; Hidalgo Fernández, Amalia (MDPI, 2019)
      Collaborative economy, a practice based on access to goods, is making its way into society, with disruptive effects for traditional economy, which is based on property. Although it is a recent phenomenon, its rapid growth ...
    • Segmentation Based on the Gastronomic Motivations of Tourists: The Case of the Costa Del Sol (Spain) 

      Pérez-Priego, Manuel Adolfo; García-Moreno García, María de los Baños; Gómez-Casero Fuentes, Gema; Caridad y López del Río, Lorena (MDPI, 2019)
      Tourist destinations increasingly sustain their consolidation, promotion, and development from gastronomy. This research aims to contribute to the scientific literature analyzing the relationship between tourism and ...